I am currently working with a team of MBA students at the University of Missouri to develop a strategy for our client, PolitiFact, to expand its audience base. PolitiFact excels at capturing the eyes of media junkies, urban liberal-leaning Americans, and wealthier Americans. Their challenge is to capture more conservative audiences.

Ultimately, our pitch to PolitiFact centered around an events series we called the “Truth Tour” that is meant to complement a recent fundraising campaign called “Truth Squad” that PolitiFact launched in January 2017. We proposed an events series to take advantage of existing, loyal audiences who care about the community that PolitiFact represents and represent an untapped revenue stream for the publication.

Ultimately, this existing audience presented itself as most lucrative compared to the prospect of building new audiences. Creating a physical community through events provided a way to reach these audiences and promote PolitiFact’s brand within them.

Watch a stream of my part of our final pitch here.