Online News Association: Mizzou Chapter President

I am the president of Mizzou’s local chapter of the Online News Association for the 2016-2017 year. Our chapter of ONA aims to teach digital skills and provide professional advice for students interested in digital communication. My role as president has required me to wear many hats and work with a team of other talented journalism students to ensure the success of the organization.


As president, I’ve learned to juggle the opinions, schedules and communication styles of other members and of the team of executive members. As an organization, we have learned we work best when we work together, and the team has become even more successful as time has passed. In March 2017, I will be attending an ONA Local Leadership Summit in New Orleans, Louisiana, to continue to build my leadership skills among other ONA leaders.

Content Strategy

Being president of the organization has made me consider all the content involved in a single organization. For every event we consider each promotional element, including design, tone and overall strategy. We are still working to ensure there is consistency across all fronts and that our web content is just as strong as our social media content. It has taught me how daunting a task it can be to manage the content of an organization, and there is still room for improvement when it comes to ONA Mizzou.

Fundraising and Event Planning

In November 2016, we began fundraising to bring journalist and Mizzou alum Ann Friedman to campus to talk about her career as a freelancer. Through this process I learned how to write a funding proposal and plan for a keynote event — daunting tasks that would not have been possible without a team of other students and faculty members supporting the process each step of the way. Friedman was on Mizzou’s campus on March 9 to deliver her talk and speak to various journalism classes.