It’s me, Rose.

I’m a graduate student at the Missouri School of Journalism, and I believe in the problem-solving power of content. I’ve learned the right message always makes a difference, and I want to be a part of a movement that brings ideas, tools, stories and people together through innovation and strategy.

My research centers on the conflict between audience behavior and normative journalistic values during coverage of the 2016 presidential election, and my expected defense date will be mid-2018. I live and work in Washington, D.C.

Some things I like to talk about: Media literacy, bad design, good design, journalistic paternalism, media business models, content strategy, the easiest way to change the tube on my bike, how to bake chocolate chip cookies that stay soft, politics, how news organizations can use Instagram to tell stories, whether or not my mom is joking when she makes weird comments on my social media posts, whether femininity is a form of empowerment through expression or an adherence to hegemonic standards that ultimately oppress women, and if context matters at all, and if the world is going to end, and how nice it is outside today.

Some things I don’t like to talk about: The Blackhawks, whether Ted Cruz is the zodiac killer, how rude your barista was to you this morning.

Let’s talk:
Twitter: @rosemcms
Insta: @rosemcms
LinkedIn: Audrey Rose McManus
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